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Once Upon aTime...

There was a girl named Aimee.

There was a girl named Aimee. She wasn't perfect, but she loved people. She felt a fire in her soul to do what many others are afraid to do; to stand up for what is right, go against the grain, and actually make an impact. She felt God put it on her heart, so she went on a mission to create something special that could be a vessel for change.

Then Aimee felt something inside of her growing. It was the desire to make her dream of owning her own specialty coffee shop come true. She knew it would be a unique way she could use coffee as an excuse to do good.

She knew that it had to be special, so she went to Portland, Oregon for coffee school and learned everything she needed to know. 

With the knowledge she learned, along with her passion for people, she knew she would have the best coffee shop ever! 


That is how Lady and the Mug was born!

Four years later, Aimee once again felt that God was sending her a message. As a MASSIVE Pats fan, when Tom Brady got traded to Tampa Bay she KNEW she couldn’t ignore that sign.

Knowing absolutely no one in Tampa and being unfamiliar with the city, she decided to take a leap of faith and open Lady and the Mug Tampa.

Now she just waits for the day Tom and Giselle come to grab a cup of coffee so she can meet her hero.


And That is how our 
Lady and the Mug(s) were born


Not even close!

Can I get

an "AMEN!"

No, it wasn't a baby!

Who even knew  "coffee school" was a thing...

A place for people to ignite the fire within and be inspired!

And no one even threw a baby shower...

But wait, the story continues…

And no, she isn’t a Bucs fan now

Her parents were from Connecticut

She even named their espresso machine “BIG BRADY”

And maybe convince him to go back to New England

It all started with a girl and a dream...

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